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  • Vets on the Hill 2014

    Vets on the Hill 2014

    We’re sending in reinforcements!From April 1-3, ten teams of CVA veterans and military families will swarm Washington, DC for Vets on the Hill 2014. This “boots on the ground” effort will include over 200 targeted Capitol Hill meetings — all laser focused on VA accountability and CVA‘s legislative agenda.

    Support Vets on the Hill 2014 by signing up for a CVA Strike Team — there are more National Days of Action to come.

    Together, we can overcome dysfunction in Washington, DC and get something done for our veterans.

  • VA Accountability Project

    VA Accountability Project

    Building on our 2013 #MillionVetBacklog effort, the 2014 #VAaccountability Project is an ambitious project to bring long-overdue accountability to VA. In addition to information about VA problems and solutions, the project’s website — — will provide concrete ways for CVA members and all Americans to demand accountability at Veterans Affairs.

    America’s veterans deserve the very best, but instead they’re getting mediocrity. Concerned Veterans for America has sounded the alarm on the urgent need for accountability at VA. Now its your turn to join us, take action and demand accountability.

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  • Sign the Petition

    Sign the Petition

    Instead of pursuing true spending reform, both at the Pentagon and across the government, the ‘deal’ actually increases spending for government bureaucracies and cuts veterans retirement benefits to pay for it.

    Washington is asking veterans and their families, who have already sacrificed so much, to bear the brunt of Washington’s spending addiction. How does this make sense?

    CVA is fighting back. Sign our #CutDebtNotVets petition that demands true spending reform, not higher spending paid for with arbitrary cuts to military retirement.

  • ICYMI | Defend & Reform Recap

    ICYMI | Defend & Reform Recap

    Washington continues to kick the can down the road when it comes to debt reduction. The national debt continues to grow, and with it, the economic and security threats.

    In case you missed it on Tuesday, January 21st, Admiral Mike Mullen joined Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) and the Weekly Standard to discuss the security threat of our mounting national debt and what can be done about it. Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, and

    Pete Hegseth, CEO of CVA, led a discussion with Admiral Mullen that promises to be insightful. You can watch the full program HERE.
  • White House Petition Delivery

    White House Petition Delivery

    On August 20th, 125 days after the launch of our Veterans Backlog Petition we delivered it to the White House. 125 days was intentional; that’s how long it takes for a VA claim to be “backlogged.”

    Over 27,000 veterans, military families and patriotic Americans stepped joined us and pledged to send a message to the Obama administration that the needs of our veterans cannot be ignored. Thanks to all of CVA’s veterans, friends, fans and supporters for your contributions to this push. Your energy and commitment to our veterans is appreciated. View our Delivery Day Round-Up, here.
  • Op-ED | Dysfunction at VA

    Op-ED | Dysfunction at VA

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is failing our veterans – plain and simple. Despite years of promises, over 903,000 disability and compensation cases are pending (headed toward 1 million), with 70% backlogged for more than 125 days.

    The backlog has increased by 2,000% since 2009. Utterly unacceptable.

    Click to read our Washington Post  Op-Ed  Time to Shake Up the Dysfunctional VA

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